English with MERT

I provide fun and efficient classes on business, academic, and conversational English through a student-based methodology.

Mert Alçınkaya

English Teacher – 2017 – Present

Hello! I am Mert, an English tutor with over 4 years of teaching experience, specializing in Business English, Academic English, and Conversational English. Working with over 250 students over the course of four years, I have developed a student-oriented approach in which the tutor builds the platform for the students to learn and improve their English skills through discussions, role plays, and interactive games. Combining American Philosopher and Educational Reformist John Dewey’s innovative approach to education with my experience in teaching numerous individuals, I have managed to develop a model in which students join forces to learn and improve their English skills while having fun.

Mini – Grammar & Vocabulary

Student-centered interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises based on ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) theory which combine active student involvement and fundamental language acquisition principles

Scenario-Based Role-Plays

Real-life scenarios such as phone calls, business meetings, conferences, negotiations, and more business situations are practiced with useful language to adapt learners to spoken and written Business English.


Interactive and entertaining games which combine fun with effective language learning. Kahoot! Quizzes are used to learn and memorize key Business English vocabulary and English grammar.

in-office & online classes


Face-to-face classes conducted within the company offices (in Warsaw) which allow students to improve relations and refresh their mental space, in addition to improving their English skills.


Efficient and engaging online learning with advanced conferencing tools.. Platforms available: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Discord, Google Meet, Skype.

English Classes with certified tutor

My certifications include:

  • TEFL (ITT)
  • Learning to Teach Online (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
  • Grammar and Punctuation (University of California, Irvine)

Teacher as the Observer, Learners as the Guide

Fundamental Language Skills

In Business English+ Program, fundamental grammar and vocabulary practices expand the students’ linguistic capacities, as well as reinforcing and improving their pre-existing English skills.

Scenario-based Learning

Learners practice and develop their English skills through context-based exercises. Realistic scenarios such as phone calls and business meetings help students practice particular phrases, vocabulary, and grammar needed in their daily communication at work.


Interactive games constitute a great part of my classes. Fun games help students refresh their minds, as well as facilitate learning process.

In words of my students

“Classes with Mert are very unique. I started taking classes more than six months ago and after just a few months I saw results. He has a different way of teaching than the teachers I had classes with before. The time passes quickly and pleasantly, there is a lot of time for conversation, so that the block of speaking English is quickly overcome. The classes are always carefully planned, but at the same time very entertaining. I highly recommend classes with Mert, he is a great teacher and adapts to the requirements of each student individually.”

Dominika, College Student

“For years, I had been studying grammar for hours to learn English and I could not improve my speaking ability. Then I met Teacher Mert. He overcame all my prejudices and fears about English thanks to his energy in the lessons and his approach like a friend rather than a teacher. Thank you so much.”

Berfin, College Student

“Great teacher, great atmosphere. If you want to enjoy learning English – this is the right place.”

Tomasz, Finance Expert